Boreholes and proper irrigation systems provide water security and saves money in the long-run. They are easily managed and give you the choice to be independent of municipal supply. Municipalities are more than happy for homeowners to drill boreholes on their properties because it helps to relieve the strain of surface water demand and supply.

What is a borehole?

A borehole is a long, narrow hole drilled into the earth to access underground water. The hole is lined with casing, which is a pipe that prevents the hole from collapsing, and a pump is installed to draw the underground water up and out to where it’s needed.

How will a borehole help me?

A borehole can be a cost-effective, self-sufficient asset to your property. Borehole water is cheaper than what the municipality charges and can be connected to your household water supply so you are independent from municipal water.
A borehole can be used for day-to-day watering of the garden or large-scale irrigation. It can also be connected to a treatment system to enable you to use the water for household purposes.